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Started by bayonetbrant, September 14, 2014, 09:33:04 PM

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Starting on 15 September, we've got a new weekly column about game design.  Sound off here and get the conversation going :)

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For computer game design

1st question-
For those of you who use a game design 'engine', rather than coding everything from scratch, what do you use? Unity? Unreal? RPGMaker? and why?

2nd question-
Any recomendations as to sources for both 2d and 3d art and models that are ready for use in most game engines and either free or extremely low priced for someone on a nanobudget? I'm thinking mostly military vehicles old and modern, as well as buildings and terrain features.
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Hello Everybody:
I'm Larry Fulkerson from the Matrix forum and there's a group of us that are tired of the vaporware coming from the TOAW project and we want to see if it's possible for us to write our own TOAW replacement using an open source project.  We would love for you guys to join in and help out.  The working title of the project is "The Art of Conflict" and we're just now starting to get off the ground. 
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Hi Larry. I'm here. Still DD696 as I wouldn't want to lose myself between forums.

Get her started.
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