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Lamb Soup

Started by airboy, November 21, 2020, 08:45:48 PM

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We made a really yummy lamb soup.

Most important ingredient - good lamb.  One of my ag buddies found a good lamb supplier three years ago.  This year we bought a whole lamb instead of splitting one.

We made a lamb roast for an early Thanksgiving.  Took the hip joint with the remaining meat and boiled it with carrots and onions for hours.  Picked the meat scraps and strained the veggies out for the broth.

Got about a cup of diced carrots, a diced whole sweet onion, and a teaspoon of garlic.  Sautéed the veggies in olive oil.  Added the veggies to the broth and meat scraps.  Made a batch of whole wheat egg noodles separately (so they don't suck up the broth).  Added cooked noodles.

Very simple recipe.  It was excellent because the lamb was very good and very fresh.


Sounds nice. I imagine it might be improved a bit further with a pinch of chili flakes? :dreamer:
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