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so is three (3) day one release DLC packages.  This REALLY annoys me.  These packages were not even available for free to pre-orders. This is simply bull$hit content that was left out of the original game so that it could be released immediately for an extra charge.  DLC that comes out a month or two after release doesn't so much bother me, but day one DLC just strikes me as particularly criminal.

On top of it, the game is probably going to suck.  I regret pre-ordering already and I haven't even installed.

I  finally got around to playing the demo last night and I don't think I like it. Too hectic and less tactical than it appears.... I think JA will suffer the same fate as X-com - the first games were great than the rest went right into the shitter !

Sorry to hear that Migs...I had high hopes for another great JA experience.  :(

A) This Lots-a DLC immediately upon release are an industry standard nowadays, most unfortunately.

B) All these 3 DLCs offer trivial cosmetic changes that can probably be modded anyway. They just retexturize some equipment with different colours.

I'm aware of both "A" and "B," tpek, but that doesn't make it any better.  Its still just annoying.

one thing I found funny in the official forums is that some twit of a fanboi suggested that they could add in FOW as a DLC package for like $2 or $3!?!?!  How can you even suggest something like that?  This is a feature that absolutely, positively should have been included in the final product.  Anyway, one of the admins responds with "we really do not like DLC, so we may add FOW as a free patch later."  Really, great news, but how can you say you don't like DLC if you release three DLC packages on day 1 release?

As far as how the game plays, I truly don't believe the demo is representative of the final product.  I'm not defending the game yet because I have not played it...but I think you really need to closely review the many official gameplay videos out there.  It strikes me as a game that you have to play "right."  You have to use the commander mode very smartly.  If you play the game the way it was meant to be played, then I do believe there is a very tactical experience buried inside.  But if you just run around aimlessly, the game will give you a frustrating, miserable experience.


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