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That’s easy! Firepower!
Yes, the 1988 port from Amiga by Silent Software.

You got to choose from 3 tanks and had to find the enemy base and destroy its flag. Meanwhile you could roam around the map (base locations were hidden) and pick up POW’s.
Each tank type had a different amount of seats available for these men.

The map was pretty expansive and destructible. Quite a feat for that time.
It also offered splitscreen play and this was the mode mini me spent A LOT of time in with my friend.
The game was actually owned by him and not me and I vividly remember him getting sick of me always asking for a few rounds of Firepower! :D

I went through a Tank phase about a decade ago - hands down my ALL time favorite gaming when it came to tanks happened in Red Orchestra: Ostfront (I remember playing it when it was a mod before it got its own standalone commercial release).

I'm not a console gamer, but did you also know there was a WW2 tank sim released in the 90s for the Playstation - that was fairly realistic and even included a tactical command map that let you order other tanks in your group even?

Check out this Tiger playing in the snow:

And finally my FAVORITE WW2 system that models tanks + infantry the best for me is Ghost Panzer. Simulating combined arms (infantry and tanks) together in boardgames is tough due to 1) map size/scale and 2) simulated time passing for each turn. Systems are either wildly inaccurate (letting tanks run all over the map) or tack on complicated rules for armor. Ghost Panzer seamlessly integrates BOTH aspects of battle with minimal rules overhang and it's simple, fast and fun as hell. A Tiger can sit at distance in cover/on high ground and plink at T-34s all day long and pretty much own the entire map. But once it starts moving or the T-34s are able to swarm and get in close and/or on the flanks, it's game over for the Germans (which reflects historical accounts from what I've read). The key in this system is figuring out when to move and when to hunker down.

Tank Crew is hot, soulless garbage and I'm 100% invested into the success of GHPC.

Got to be the Graviteam games for me. I've had some pretty epic tank battles, which are real easy to setup in the battle generator. Tank battles in early dawn...check, tank battles in the  fog...check, tank battles in the rain, snow, night, sunny day..check, check, check.

Pretty cinematic game.


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