Manor Lords?

Started by Victor, December 20, 2022, 01:52:05 PM

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I thought Manor Lords was a single IIRC Eastern European indie developer working on it for a few years now but recently I saw that Hooded Horse is now publishing the game?

Is that something recent or has it always been like that? Not that it changes things for me either way, Hooded Horse is publishing lots of games I like!


Hooded Horse announced its relationship with developer Slavic Magic in early June. I think most of the Hooded Horse catalog consists of titles that were under indie development without any publication deal.

Tim Bender is good at spotting worthy additions, and I agree, Hooded Horse is quickly becoming one of my favorite publishers with some of my most anticipated titles.
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I have been salivating over Manor Lords as a Total War killer for many months. Probably one of my top five most anticipated games for (hopefully) 2023.
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