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Anybody here seen Richie? Want to play a game?

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Ok guys,

Let's play a game.  While surfing YouTube this afternoon when I should have been working I got an idea for a forum game.  Quote a line out of a movie clip you just watched on YouTube and see if anyone can guess the movie.  Winner gets to post a quote for the next person to guess.  If you can get a YouTube clip of the movie scene you watched to have the same title as the quote you're quoting even better but not necessary.  Post the YouTube clip after someone gets the answer right or if everyone gives up.

I'll start...

"Anybody here seen Richie?"

Cool idea. I have no clue what that quote is from, though.


--- Quote from: Gusington on July 28, 2021, 02:04:53 PM ---Cool idea. I have no clue what that quote is from, though.

--- End quote ---

I'll give a hint.  It's one of those movies from the 80s for guys who love movies. 

Also I forgot to mention, one could simply google or youtube the quote but if you are truly a movie buff you wouldn't need to do that right?   8)

IOW let's try to keep it honest.   :)

I am a guy who loves the movies and the 1980s! Still no idea :/

It's from one of those series of action flicks from the era that featured a lot of bad guys getting beat up the main hero.  So think about who the big action stars were back then. 

One more hint before I give a clue that will really help narrow down the movie for you.  This is the kind of movie you wouldn't take a girlfriend to see on the first date. 


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