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Anybody here seen Richie? Want to play a game?

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I just Googled it and feel less badly because I have never seen the movie - and never liked this particular guy's movies. That said, The Google also mentioned that the movie is NOT from the 80s!

Oh, not from the 80s.  Well keep in mind I'm old and my memory is not what it used to be.  Yeah this is from the early 90s then.   :)

^Old man!

A Steven Segal movie, can't remember which one. Hard to Kill? No, not that one. it's the line right before the big bar fight. AAAAA...can't remember without cheating


--- Quote ---This is the kind of movie you wouldn't take a girlfriend to see on the first date.
--- End quote ---

Oh yeah, a girlfriend took me to see this on a first date!  Guess that explains why about a year later my new girlfriend and I bumped into her wearing security garb dragging along a Christmas shoplifter.  I asked her and her partner if she needed a hand, then everyone, except the shoplifter wished each other a Merry Christmas with a sly smile.

Couldn't get the quote w/o cheating, thought the response was "he's in the cadillac and/or car" but that's some other mafioso script.


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