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The Forgotten Battle. New movie about the Scheldt Estuary

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Silent Disapproval Robot:
Looks like it's a Dutch film.  Here's hoping the Canadians get some love.  Nasty fight in terrible terrain that doesn't get much coverage even in Canada.

Pete Dero:
Looks like this one was released in 2020.

The Dutch are my neighbors but I never heard of this movie before.  It does have decent ratings on IMDB (
It is a real Dutch film.  Not a bunch of Americans pretending to speak Dutch  ;).

The last two years were terrible times to release movies ...

1944 pattern helmets!
The Dutch love us.
Looks like they'll show the Canadians fighting in the Scheldt as well as Market-Garden.

Thanks for posting. It looks a good Movie.

Lets hope its not woke. Its not a pure war movie is it? Would not be surprised if it was not more a story of dutch resistance fighters. Which would be fine, everybody who fought deserves recognition. But I am sure most of us wish their were more war movies and less drama movies about whatever tiny niche they can find these days.


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