Secrets of Blackmoor

Started by secrets of blackmoor, November 25, 2018, 05:22:38 PM

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secrets of blackmoor

As outsiders doing a film about the outsiders of RPG history, we don't get a lot of media coverage-- we are fringe fringe fringe. ;)

Most Kick starter funding projects are heavily focused on "Gimme Yer Wallet Now!" We tend to think that not everyone can, or is willing to fund, every New Gaming thing that appears on the horizon begging for their cash.

Our attitude is that we will get funded, but really what we need to do is reach out to people. Get people interested in what we are doing. Maybe get people sharing some of our links with their friends.

You can look at our blog:

Or, our video's on David Megarry's Youtube Channel:

And, of course, we do have the Kick Starter:

The main thing for us, is merely to expand our fan base and get the story of the Twin Cities gamers told.

It is also very easy to chat us up on FaceBook:

Oooh... lots of verification thingies, hope I can get these letters right. :D

secrets of blackmoor

A quick update on youtube

Bob Meyer speaks about being unknown, the origins of D&D, and some gaming fun stories.

secrets of blackmoor

We broke down and dropped the 35 minute GaryCon Draft on youtube.

secrets of blackmoor

You can now watch the trailer here:

The movie is also available there for the low fee of 6 bucks.