Rick Loomis of Flying Buffalo has Cancer

Started by airboy, August 22, 2019, 12:09:28 PM

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From an Drive Thru RPG Newsletter.

Rick Loomis has been an important part of the game industry for almost 50 years, and now he is in the fight of his life with cancer. Rick was one of the founding members of the Game Manufacturing Association and served as its President several times when they needed him. He started Flying Buffalo Games back in 1970.

Drop by the Flying Buffalo Games page here on DriveThruRPG to pick up Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls, Grimtooth's Traps and other PDFs, or the GFM Fundraiser page for more information.



The Flying Buffalo items on Drive Thru RPG are on a good sale.

I picked up the only Citybook that I did not have.  All of the City Books are quite good.

Their full line of Tunnels & Trolls are on sale - but this is not a system that I've ever used.

I did pick up multiple Grimtooths Traps books - something that I've almost bought so many times for so many decades that it just shows how old I am.