The Devil's to Pay!

Started by rustyshackleford, January 27, 2021, 04:50:13 PM

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Does anyone have experience with the "Blind Swords" system of Civil War games? I just ordered "The Devil's to Pay" and am devouring any and all reviews of it that I can get my hands on while I patiently await it in the mail.

I've heard the series reflects Civil War combat extremely well with the chaos of battle re: divisions not always following their Corps commanders exact instructions, regiments routing at the slightest bit of resistance or battle-worn veterans holding the line despite massive casualties, etc.

Either way, looking forward to learning the system and potentially finding a VASSAL opponent on here.


How was your gaming experience with this? I have been playing around with it and like the system. Works pretty well solitaire.

DTP is a very nicely done package. Love the small footprint, both in terms of board size, counter count and also length of rules. 

I have most of the Blind Swords games, and the thing I appreciate about them is that they really portray the difficulty of maneuvering large forces over difficult terrain. Not so evident in Devil's to Pay, but a big deal in "At Any Cost" (Franco-Prussian War). 

I am interested in Vassal for DTP if that still interests you.
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