Kickstarter Border States and Saladin by Shakos

Started by Shakos, March 21, 2021, 07:18:08 AM

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Hi all !

Last shipping news for Border States, Napoléon 1815 and Saladin !

Asia / Pacific : Fulfilment by our patner VFI Asia started beginning of January, so backers in this region should start to receive their games. Also Napoléon landed in Japan (Japanese version, distrbuted by Bonsai Games).

Europe : Finally the boat for Europe left two days ago with an ETD 0303. If you want to track it, it is the CMA CGM EVERGLADE.

NA : No good news however for NA. There is just NO space available on boats. We really hope we will have more chance after CNY.

Last we will attend the "Festival des Jeux de Cannes" in France. So if you are there, do not hesitate to give us a hello ! (Booth 06.21)

It is still possible to preorder the games on our website at preorder price :