A scenario editor question (on placing armies)

Started by Adraeth, January 25, 2021, 12:14:08 PM

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Just a simple question:

when placing units from armies should be possible not to place "all the units", so saving the scenario even if not all the units are placed on the field?

If so i should be tempted to make some army lists with all available units to build up some scenario (maybe for a campaign game) in just few seconds: just load the map, load the army list and choose some units from the army list.

Thanks in advance

Andy ONeill

This is possible.
The set of "checks" carried out don't stop you saving.
They're not like validations you'd expect in a web page which'd force you to fill all fields etc.

You will need to place the general and any hq for combat units you include in a scenario.
Even if you only intend playing the "game" mode.
If you include a unit but not it's commander then you will see unexpected behaviour.
Your orphaned unit won't get turned into a piece so won't appear in your game.
Other bad things might happen.