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"Six Days in October" -- Rules Clarification

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Some commanders have directed that their corps cover distances rather than march over time and that cavalry march with the slower infantry.

Other commanders have directed their cavalry to march as far as it can over, say, 10 hours, and then the infantry encamps wherever it is after the same period meaning they'll be some kms behind.

Other commanders have directed the cavalry march as far as it can over a period of time and have left the infantry to catch up "over night".  This is, of course, a bit rough on the foot sloggers.

And then we have the Prussians, whose divisions are all a mix of cav and inf, so at the divisional level (thus also at the corps level) they're necessarily going to march at inf speed. (There are Pruss/Russ cav speeds mentioned in the brief rules, but I take it those are for later battles with different corps organizations among the allies, and/or for battles where there are divisional commanders of brigades.)

This is correct.  It's one of the great strengths of having cavalry like Murat's.

That said, they do not want to be caught alone in combat.


Figured I'd bump this for reference.


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