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Six Days in October - General Ruchel's personal diary

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The campaign is afoot!

The Corsican has dared to threaten the realm of Prussia and her allies! This little monster must be stopped.

Here follows the personal account of General Ruchel during this most august campaign. Please read at your pleasure but do not disclose any information herein to the enemy.
It is most unsporting.

All other must depart now!

Oct. 10, 1806

The French are once again on the move under the command of that little upstart Napoleon. With my troops currently position on the frontier at Eisenach we await our orders for the coming campaign.

The men are anxious and are of good spirits. Let us hope that their commanders are up to the task ahead.


Oct. 10, 1806

I have received my marching orders after much discussion with our good commander the Duke of Brunswick.

We are to leave our western most outpost and march towards the other concentrations of the Prussian Army to better meet the French aggression.

As such, I have ordered my divisions to march as indicated. This small maneuver will take a couple of days but will provide vital information if the French decide to attempt to cross into our territory through the forbidding terrain of the Forest de Thuringe.

I have ordered a staggered start to the march so as to not bunch up and cause undo entanglement of the divisions.
The Advanced Guard is to leave first as they have the furthest to travel.
Then Weimar, then Saxe.

We'll setup the main camp at Gotha and the AG will setup near Ohrdruf. Their cavalry will scout to the south looking for signs of the enemy approaching.

If there is a price we umpires exact for our labors, it is giggling as we see the totality of the field.

 ;D ;D ;D

Thanks for this!


Oct. 11, 1806

We have arrived at Gotha and have set about establishing camp. Saxe Division will camp on the east side of town and patrol the road heading towards Erfurt, while Weimar Division shall establish a camp south of Gotha and patrol the road south.
The Advanced Guard has been sent ahead to Ohrdruf to establish a forward camp and shall look further south for signs of the enemy.

We await further orders from the Duke of Brunswick as to our further deployment.


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