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Six Days in October - General Ruchel's personal diary

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Oct. 11, 1806

1000 hrs.

I have received word that the Advanced Guard has reached Ohrdruf without incident.

1300 hrs.

Possible enemy cavalry spotted south of Ohrdruf. I've ordered the Advanced Guard to delay enemy there.
Weirmar division ordered to march south to reinforce AG. Hopefully Weimar can reach Ohrdruf in time to relieve AG...

Oct. 11, 1806

1400 hrs.

Where the hell is that rider? What's going on in Ohrdruf??
I'd give my right hand for a device that could transmit my voice across tens of kilometers instantaneously....  :tickedoff:

Oct. 11, 1806

1700 hrs.

Ok reports that Weimar has reached Ohrdruf without incident.
Piquets still report seeing enemy cavalry in the distance but no move has been made to engage.

Tomorrow I shall order AG's cavalry to advance to contact to determine what the composition of the enemy is... maybe draw them into battle with our set forces....

Oct. 11, 1806

2300 hrs.

Received a dispatch rider from our commander Brunswick very late in the evening. Seems the rider left Brunswick camp sometime around 1400 hrs... ah the speed of modern communications!
Seems we are to retreat... err.. maybe form up to the rear is a better turn of phrase, to catch the French in more open ground.. by surprise...?
So I guess I am not going to draw the enemy into combat as early as hoped.

I will be ordering a sideways advance to Erfurt in attempt to "close that gap between our forces"... Brunswicks troops are in (were) in Naumbourg...
This is all with an eye to further "advance" back towards, ultimately, Eisleben... Perhaps we are to fight at the gates of Magdebourg in front of a home town crowd....

It is late and I have written enough insubordination for one evening. Tomorrow is a long day of marching.

Oct. 12, 1806

0500 hrs.

Gah! What a ghastly hour at which to start the day.

Orders are sent out to Weimar Division to set out immediately from Ohrdruf to Gotha and then on to a fork in the road, that leads south to Arnstadt. This will cover both roads.
My Advance Group is ordered to leave Ohrdruf around noon so as to not become entangled with Weimar's march. They are to march to Gotha and see if the enemy follows.

I, in the mean time, with Saxe Division will march to Erfurt. This is to be our hub for the march north... if that plan remains intact.

Let us hope the day holds no surprises....


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