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September 10, 1806

Waiting for a few pieces to advance the turn and call for new orders for those that need them.

September 11, 1806


I have already received a number of 0600, September 11 dispatches and orders.  This is excellent.

Being ambitious, may I ask that all others submit their orders by the end of the day on WEDNESDAY?

On a note, placing a Sender, Recipient, and Date/Time Sent into an e-mails subject line has proven very helpful.  Much to learn when not doing this face-to-face.



Almost all orders are in and then I'll run the clock.  I'd like to this evening.

Administrative Note:  I should have asked about this 100 years ago (given even the title of our little endeavor), but I just noticed in the errata to VdA III (yes it took that long) that the scenario actually begins on OCTOBER 10, not September.


I will correct in all future communications.

ACK! I want my month's worth of maneuvering back!?!  :knuppel2:

You've made it roughly to Moscow.


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