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Six Days in October - The Consolidated Dispatches of Marshal Lannes

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Sender: Lannes Ė Day 1 0600
Time Sent: (UMPIRE)
Recipient: V Corps Divisions, Suchet, Gazan, Foucher
Time Received: (UMPIRE)
Unit Marching: V Corps, order of march to be Cavalry, Suchetís Division, Gazanís Division. Corps cavalry to scout, provide flank security, and escort the divisional/corps trains.
Route of March: By road from north from Schweinfurt to Meiningen then northwest, to the pass south of Gotha ("orange" pass)
Time to Spend Marching: 10 hours, 40KM
Expected Objective: Bivouac south of Meiningen
Rules of Engagement: If the enemy is encountered, Foucherís cavalry is to screen the infantry until they are deployed on defensive ground. Suchetís division is to deploy in contact with Gazanís division in reserve. Foucherís cavalry to deploy to the most open flank. In the event of defeat, or if the enemy is in overwhelming numbers, fall back on Schweinfurt. We are to hold "orange" pass until relieved by Davout.
Dispatches: On arrival at evening camp or encounter with enemy, dispatches to Napoleon, Murat, and Davout.

RECEIVED -- 1500

From: Davout
To: Murat and Lannes
Time:  0600 Day 1


    In accordance with our Emperor's orders, I am at your disposal.

    I will begin marching towards YELLOW today and expect to reach it
in around three days.  I expect to reach Cobourg tonight.

    Marshal Murat, would you prefer I moved straight on through
Yellow, or took a day to rest before crossing the pass?  One day's
rest south of the pass will enable my corps to move through the pass
fully rested; without the rest, I will arrive at Gotha with 20 fatigue
or more.

   Will we cross the pass at the same time, or as we are able?

   - Davout


NB:  No response to this will be possible before 0800 September 11

Messages to Murat and Lannes, sent 1800 Day 1 (10 September)

Murat is expected to be on the Morningen-Eisenach road.
Lannes is expected to be on the Morningen-Schweinfurt road.
Messengers should enquire with forces at Morningen for an improved location.


  This evening finds the corps encamped just south of Cobourg.  We
will march north of Hildburghausen tomorrow.

   - Davout

This Bonaparte is going to kill us.

Departing from camp along the Schweinfurt-Morningen road. I should reach the crossroads road to Orange pass today or early tomorrow. I will move to occupy Orange pass and hold the position until relieved by Davout, as per the Emperor's orders.

To: Marshal Lannes (presumed location, somewhere on the road between Schweinfurt - Eisenach)

From: Marshal Murat

Time message sent: 0600, 11 September 1806


Marshal Lannes,


As of sunset last night, the lead elements of my Cavalry Reserve had reached the town of Hildburghausen and spent the night billeted there, with the rest of the corps bivouacked in column along the road south. This morning my corps will resume moving northwest, with the goal of reaching the crossroads north of Moiningen which heads towards Gotha by the end of the day. I shall be detaching a pair of divisions at Suhl (this is the small unnamed town lying directly south of the 'T' in Thuringe on your map) to perform reconnaissance and ensure that the Prussians do not make an unexpected thrust south from that direction.


I have not had any communications Marshal Davout in the past 24 hours, but I feel confident he is conforming to the movements the Emperor directed previously. However, if I have not had any contact with him by the end of the day, I will notify you as such and it may become necessary for the two of us to modify our scheme of maneuver.


Please keep my informed of the progress moving north, advising me where you halt your march this evening. I will endeavor to do the same.


Your comrade in arms,



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