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Andy ONeill:
Current guess for working game delivery:

EDIT: 14 July 18
Still probably about December

As I write, I'm working on the Map Editor.
This still has a fair bit of work to do on it.
That'll take in the order of a month.

The other editors still need more work.
There are also other bits and pieces like the menu and installers.

Then there is the actual game.
If you've been following the changelog you'll have noticed absolutely no mention of this.
There's a simple reason for that - I've not started  it yet.

The game will share a fair bit of code that's already written but there's still going to be several months of work for me to do on that.
As this progresses it's likely that we'll reconsider some aspects of what's already been written.
Ezra or I think of a better way of doing something or I find something turns out to be less practical than expected.
This is the nature of "agile" development.

Parallel to this Ezra will be working on the AI.
Once we agree the map, army and scenario editors are stable, he will be working on scenarios.
Ed (he's an expert gaming artist) will be doing the map graphics.

An initial version will be delivered to backers with manual save transfer and load pbem functionality.
Steam integration, a more sophisticated pbem mechanism and a website will follow.
There will likely also be added functionality such as more shapers, buildings, trees etc.

I have no idea what game this is pertaining to  ???

Pete Dero:

--- Quote from: JudgeDredd on May 17, 2018, 03:15:59 AM ---I have no idea what game this is pertaining to  ???

--- End quote ---

Posted in the General Staff forum.

This is the game :

Yes, look through this sub-forum for more information. Really interesting looking game so far.  O0

Excellent, i am happy there is a parallel work on the AI from Ezra and yours for engine and editors. Take your time and we will have an excellent kriegspiel  O0


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