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The Musings of 'Ole Man Brunswick: A reflection on a lost campaign Prussia 1806

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This is to record the corespondence of the Commander in Chief of the Prussian Armed forces during the  Campaign fought during October 1806 against the French under Napoleon Bonaparte and his Marshals of France.

Noting to see yet but it will be here very soon indeed!

AND THAT WAS DAY ONE!  :D {rimshot}

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Yeah Jason...most of the campaign actually!

This then is the collected missives and reports received and orders given to Brunswick in the October 1806 Campaign. I was thrown in the deep end a little in that I went from being on the subs bench as an observer to gaining command and then almost overnight becoming Brunswick....quite shocked me that did given that I was new to Kriegspiele and had not do anything quite like this before!


So early doors the information received and the general feel for what was about to happen and then into the actual campaign.

From the Umpire:
Unlike the French forces, you are all a bit more of a two-headed monster.  Brunswick was, historically, in nominal command of your forces, but Hohenlohe had strong ideas of his own and pursued them as he saw fit.  Ruchel and Blucher were honestly the only two to emerge from this campaign without their fitness to serve being questioned, but they were subservient, at least by rank, to the other two.  The bottom line for Brunswick, though, he'll HAVE to delegate troops to Blucher to have any hope of maintaining command.

So straight away I needed to decide what I should give Blucher to command. Like the French we also had a period of preparation to work out what it was that we wanted to do and what it was that we were trying to do. I was never totally clear on what constituted a victory for the Prussian's but, we did have the basic idea that we must protect Berlin and not lose our forces. To me this meant that a delaying game was the best idea and I liked the idea of trading space for time. The following missives prior to actual game start gives the flavour of what the Prussian's discussed. Initial progress was impeded somewhat as I had not checked back on the joining instructions board and only belatedly found out that I was now Commander-in-Chief, consequently nobody knew who I was and there was already an air of dissension given that nobody had heard from me in the earliest stages of setting bad!


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