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The Musings of 'Ole Man Brunswick: A reflection on a lost campaign Prussia 1806

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From: Brunswick
To: All Prussian commanders prior to the start of the 6 days campaign

Good Morning Gentlemen,
I have just discovered that I am nominally in charge of this shooting match and I realise that I now have a lot to do and think about...please bear with me and I will try and get something together. Advice from veterans will be most welcome given I have no experience of this process in this a lot to learn in a very short time!

From: Ruchel
To: Prussian Commanders
Sir! I think we're all a little in the dark on this one... it's a first for me as well. Work out a plan and we'll hash it out. Cordially, Ruchel.

From: Hohenlohe
To: Prussian Commanders
Duke of Brunswick . . . No worries, I think we are all new here in this type of game, I think the likely route of advance in my sector is through Hof, on the flank. In case you need it . . .

Prince Hohenlohe > Headquartered at Schleitz.
AG Louis > Encamped at Iena (with 12 Guns) Will act as my reserve but also be in a position to march to support Brunswick as needed.
1st DIV Grawert > Encamped at Neustadt (with 25 Guns). Preparing to march west through Posnech and on to and occupy/defend  Saalfeld (and the Saale River crossing there).
2nd DIV Zechwitz > Encamped at Schleitz (with 20 Guns). Will act as my personal reserve ready to react to reports of contact.
3rd DIV Prittwitz> Encamped at Schleitz (with 20 Guns). Preparing to march southwest to and occupy Lohenstein.
Flanc Taunzien > Encamped at Hof (with 35 Guns). Occupying Hof and defending the Saale River crossing.

From: Brunswick
To: Blucher

Command being given to your goodself. I intend you to take control of:

Arnim's 2nd Res
Scharnhorst's 3rd Division
As well as your own division of course.

I hope this suits and that it will give you the capability you require.

Any comments upon this, please send by return.


From: Brunswick
To: All Prussian Commanders
I am in receipt of a number of troops dispositions which are of interest and I am looking them over now. I have already given command of a significant part of my force to Blucher to ensure that we have some flexibility in our approach.
Now what do we jointly think our overall strategy should be. It strikes me that we can go one of two ways with this. We could contest the routes through the Forest and/ or the areas around Hof/Jena.
Or we could create some distance between ourselves and 'The Invaders' and take up a more defensive role further north contesting the major river crossings and forming, let's call them 'stop lines' around Halle, Leipzig, Nordhausen and the high ground in that vicinity. And a last line of defence around Vittenberg, Dessau, Magdeburg an Elbe Line.
What are your thoughts do we fight where we currently stand and perhaps face flanking actions or cause the enemy some consternation by not being where he expects us to be?
Any suggestions welcome


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