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--- Quote from: Yskonyn on May 02, 2021, 12:03:03 PM ---Apologied for the radio silence. I had some tech issues. Seem to be resolved now.

Setup a game for matt now.

The game against Shelldrake shows up as 'completed' for me for some reason. I can load the game still and it shows me my last move. No idea why it is flagged as completed, cause I am pretty sure it wasn't. So Shelldrake, if you could please check your games under 'completed' and see if we can resume.

--- End quote ---

I noticed that today - not sure why the server has flagged the game as completed. Since we did not get that far into the game I think it is easier just to start again. Can you issue the challenge?

Sauron has just let me know that he's still waiting for his computer to be repaired. He hopes he will get it back next week, but thinks that existing games will expire in the lobby and will need to restart challenges.

I am having a few fights with the turn system. Two games have been flagged as completed, of which one has been restarted. Still unclear why this happened.

If I am correct, all my opponents are now up. All games in progress. If its not correct, please drop me a PM or post here.

Sauron let me know... his rig was not fixed by the repair shop and remains useless. HOWEVER, he got a new rig elsewhere - a much better one - and is starting to reinstall all his stuff on the new rig.

For those yet to fight, or were in process please DM him and he should be able to respond quite soon.

Now that  COVID restrictions are being lifted all over the place, my airline has restarted operations and began to upscale production again. As a result I have been trained extensively to get up to standard again. As the pool of available pilots has yet to grow, those who are now ready also have a full roster.

I am fighting for time off here and I feel I am now outside of a comfortable window to play this tournament any further.
I would like to respectfully withdraw from it to prevent any delays in the progress. All my opponents can write a win on their account, please.

Thanks again for setting this up!
And good luck to everyone involved.


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