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A Matter of Honor - A Serbia '14 MP game No Austrians Please!!

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Well we have rolled into turn 7.  I advanced an infantry battalion but found a dug in Austrian battalion with field guns and machine guns.  Moved that infantry back a hex and moved up my field guns and a machine gun unit.  I'll have to take them out of travel mode next turn so that will take all their movement points so it will be the turn 9 before I get to shoot them.  My guys will just have to grin and bear it until then.  Maneuvering another infantry battalion and machine gun unit to take positions to fire on the Austrians but it will be 3 turns before they can fire.  Meanwhile all of Serbia wonders where the rest of my division is at!!

Well here we are at the end of the Serbian turn 8.  I've moved up one more machine gun unit and took the ones there out of travel mode so they'll be able to fire defensively and then really hammer the Austrians on our next turn.  My partner has moved his division forward and is on the attack.  Notice a few things with this screenshot.  My wayward infantry regiment has shown up and started towards the fighting but with no heavy weapons along.  The Austrians are causing a lot of casualties with their naval units on Danube.  Interesting times defending the homeland!  I've requested that the Austrians leave behind any streudel while withdrawing. 

Also including a picture of the victory screen.  Here you can see the disparity of losses between attacker and defender.  Never the less, we will continue to attack the Austrian swine until they are driven back to where they came from.

Sorry I missed a few turns folks but here we are at the end of turn 11.  I continue to move around the Austrian right while my comrade continues to pound their left.  Still missing part of my division but another regiment is marching to the front as fast as they can move.

Well night has come upon the land and my Serbians rest while the Austrians crap their pants at every little sound in the darkness.  Meanwhile my wayward regiment has finally made it's appearance and is starting the march to the front..

After a delay due to illness we are back in action.

My Serbian division is now in position to press the right flank of the Austrians while my partner presses the left.  I have more troops on the way and he should receive part of that fixed division soon if the Gods of Dice aren't too unfavorable.


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