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FoGII Medieval AAR Tripoli (Irish) v. Bardolph (Anglo-Irish)

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With Bardolph's permission, I'm going to post a quick AAR of our recent tournament game.  I'm playing the Irish, and Bardolph is the Anglo-Irish.  Our armies are fairly evenly matched.  As some of the later screenshots will show, my infantry is superior, but Bardolph has knights, which I have little to no defense against.  There is a low ridge running along the a large portion of my front, with a small saddle/valley between the high points of the ridge in my center.  This ridge is bounded by woods on my right, and a steeper hill to my left.  My plan is to anchor my flanks against both of these obstacles, and to use my superior infantry to quickly break the Anglo-Irish line where ever Bardolph's knights are not, and leveraging the defensive advantage presented by the hill  to either absorb attacks when I am disadvantaged, or launch attacks from when my troops are superior.  I am guessing he will place his knights on my left, as the ground is more suitable for them there.  I have purchased the maximum amount of Noble Cavalry, and divided them on each of my flanks.  Although they are not capable of dealing with his knights, I'm hoping to be able to use their mobility  to flank his troops and quickly collapse a flank.  I put some additional skirmishers on my left to try to attrite the knights I suspect will be on that flank.  I put my "Picked Irish Foot" in the center.  While I consider putting them on the right to help stop the knights, I opt instead for the center, in the hope of collapsing it quickly.  Also, from the center they  they may be able to shift  left or right before the armies collide if needed. 

The Noble Cavalry far to the rear in my deployment?  That is me being an idiot.  I forgot to put him in the line, and he remained there until halfway through the game. :-[
Set Up Irish Right Flank

Set Up Irish Right Flank

Bardolph has invested heavily in knights, placing a strong force on both my left and center.  He has a smaller force of sargents cavalry on my right.  While they are armored and Lancers, they are only of average quality.  I had positioned my superior quality Noble cavalry on the right in the woods to hopefully get a cheap flank shot on any unsuspecting English.  They, along with my infantry on the hill should be able to handle his force on my right.

Turn 3 Irish Right Flank

In the center, Bardolph has infantry backed by 3 knights.  If those knights charge forward, they will be a problem.  In that event, I can only hope, my archers will be able to disrupt some them before they hit the infantry.

Turn 3 Irish Center

And on my left, Bardolph has placed a heavy force of knights.  My only hope is to possibly get a flank shot on one or two of them,  More likely, they will simply dissolve my left flank.  In that event, I will have to shift my picked Irish foot to the left,  which will open up my center to his knights there. 

Turn 3 Irish Left Flank

I take a defensive posture, moving forward to take defensive high ground. On my right, the English moved forward with some longbowman, which I will attack with some cavalry.  My Noble Cavalry remain concealed in the woods.

Turn 5 Right Flank

In the center, my archers attempt to attrite the advancing English

Turn 5 Center

On the left, the English knights are not advancing.  I'm not going to poke that bear.
Turn 5 Left Flank

The Irish cavalry charge disrupts several English units on the right.

Turn 5 Right Flank at end of the turn

My cavalry charge the previous turn that disrupted the English units in subsequent combat rounds  fragments and routs several English units.  This gives an opportunity for my Nobel cavalry to get behind his lines.

Turn 6 Right Flank

In the center my skirmishers have pulled behind my lines.  I don't want to attack here just yet, as I want to take defensive advantage of the hill

Turn 6 Center

On the left, the English remain quiet

Turn 6 Left Flank

Turn 7
On the right, the English skirmishers have driven off my skirmishers, and I begin to move my cavalry out of the woods.  The English attack up the hill, and are disrupted, making them vulnerable to a counterattack.

Turn 7 Right Flank

In the center, the English are about to attack my line.  One English unit was distupted (I believe by the Irish skirmishers) before getting to the hill crest, but otherwise, they English arrive relatively unscathed.

Turn 7 Center

On the left, the English knights begin to advance.  I have to quickly collapse the English center or left flank quickly.  One of my skirmishers gets caught by the English and fragmented.  They won't last long.

Turn 7 Left Flank


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