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FoGII Medieval AAR Tripoli (Irish) v. Bardolph (Anglo-Irish)

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Funny, I just went 0-2 in that tourney as well. Though in my defense the results were a little closer than this one  ;D

I will check out the videos, ZOC in this game is still a bit of a mystery to me. I used to be quite good at DBA (De Bellis Antiquitatis miniatures rules), winning the vast majority of my games in the local scene (my LA Persians are still undefeated after 30+ battles) and understanding DBA's ZOC rules was a big part of doing well, along with knowing what matchups you wanted to try and engineer. Richard Bodley Scott helped write DBA as well as having written the FoG rules so...

Understanding the ZOCs in the FoGII system is crucial.  I doubled my win/loss numbers after simply getting a semi-competent understanding of ZOCs.  My biggest handicap now is picking my army.  I'm not good at understanding how the various combinations of armor/morale/weapons relate to the opposing army, and my pregame unit selection strategy is based on "that would be cool to play with, I'll get four of those".


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