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To all of our loyal members:

The last 10 years at Grogheads have represented a long and strange journey. Along the way, we've had many ups and downs, made many friends around the world (and probably some enemies too) and shared so much about our lives, interests and hobbies.  However, circumstances require that Gus and I move on to greener pastures.  As such, an opportunity presented itself that we simply could not pass up and we have made the decision to sell Grogheads to Froghead Industries. Many of you may not have heard of this company, but they are a leading retailer of sound systems for UTVs, ATVs, tractors and Golf Carts. The web address will remain the same for now, but the branding and marketing will all change a little by rolling back the "G" in Grogheads by one letter to an "F" for Frogheads.  We know this will likely represent a dynamic shift in content on both the front page, as well as in the forums, but we are confident that you can all still rely on the website as a source for news, feedback and community, so long as you do not mind discussing audio technology for side by side utility and off-road vehicles. We feel that this industry has potential cross-over with wargaming, military strategy and simulation, and therefore will represent a very natural transition.

Thanks again for the good times and for all the memories.

We ask that you give a warm welcome the new administrators and forum moderators and we hope to hear from you all at some point in the future.


Sir Slash:
April Fool?  :DD

Le :DD

Pete Dero:

--- Quote from: Jarhead0331 on March 31, 2021, 09:26:43 PM ---However, circumstances require that Gus and I move on to greener pastures. 

--- End quote ---

The dog of a friend of mine went there and was never heard from again ...

Congratulations with your new life choices on this first of April.
I hope you and Gus will be happy together there :2funny:.

You got me.  I'm not normally this gullible.   I plead having insufficient caffeine in my system when I read this at 0430 ;D


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