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A few board war games I want to sell
« on: July 15, 2016, 02:07:34 PM »
I'm just throwing these out here. I'm not sure I'm ready to actually do the work of packing and shipping them yet, but wanted to see if there's interest. 

Worthington's Blue & Gray Campaign series I Kickstarted these for $130 to get all 3 games, which was marketed as a buy 2 and get 1 free deal. I played a couple solo games and just wasn't grabbed. I think I'd sell the lot for $60 + shipping. Bonus: almost all the stickers are already on the blocks.

Unconditional Surrender: Europe. Ok, maybe not this one. It appears to be worth a bit now, going by Amazon and Ebay. I'd feel bad gouging anyone here, but at the same time I'd rather sell it where I can get more dough! :D Just in case someone wants it anyway, or we work out a package deal of some sort, my copy includes all the errata and optional counters from C3I magazine as well as the booklet of optional rules that came with the same magazine.

Lock 'n Load band of Heroes - I have probably everything WW2 other than Heroes of the Blitzkrieg, including the Alpha and Bravo scenario packs. I even used my painting skills to carefully fix the misprinted Russian counters! In addition I bought the new rulebook and deluxe oversized map sections that came out with the re-release of the game after Mark Walker sold his interest in LnL publishing. I haven't considered a price yet and would only sell it all together. Let me know if anyone wants a comprehensive listing.

I'm going to WBC Saturday next week and would probably have to wait till I get back to sell anything. I'd definitely have to wait to sell LnL.

Probably more games to come...
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