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Hi guys,

We have a 'Share your screenshots' thread so why not one for videos as well?  These days the trend in watching other people play games is rising so why not have a groghead contribution to the rage?

This is my first YouTube video and it's probably not the best quality so any criticism is welcome.  I played an arcade session of War Thunder today on my PS4 and created a movie with Share Factory.  I haven't dared tried simulation mode in War Thunder because I'm too chicken but arcade mode has been entertaining me quite well.  It's been a while since I've played WT however and I was happy with my first outing and decided to share the action with you.  Hope you like it!

Great idea!  O0

Cool vid! Is War Thunder like World of Tanks?


The tank portion of the game is somewhat similar to WoT.  The maps in War Thunder are definitely larger and therefor allow for more tactics and sneaking around than in WoT.  WoT plays easier I think but WT offers, even in arcade mode, a little bit more in terms of realistic physics and handling. 

I would say that when you have the energy to think and strategize a bit play WT, but when you just want a series of relaxed sessions without too much thought play WoT.  I don't mean to knock one game down and promote the other.  Both of these games offer large doses of entertainment depending on what kind of mood you are in. 

Nice video!  You have reminded me that I really need to get back to WT.  I was really looking forward to the open beta of the tank warfare portion, but after playing it for a single day I just forgot about it for some reason. 

Is Share Factory your video channel?

Maybe the mods should sticky this thread?  I am sure others will have videos to share in the future.

Great idea and great video.  Look foward to more!!


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