Sons of Anarchy Board Game by Forum (?)

Started by BanzaiCat, January 28, 2017, 11:36:03 PM

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Is there any interest in playing the Sons of Anarchy Board Game through the forums?

I think it can be done. The only thing is, each player gets a screen to hide their stuff (cash, guns, etc.), so in a forum it would all be an open book. Honestly I'm not sure how useful the screen is, because players can see everyone else doing their deals and piling their stuff up behind their screens. You might not see what they have at any given moment, but you'll always see them do their thing.

In any case, I'm just curious. If so, I'd need to do a bit of a set-up. I know there are a lot of SAMCRO fans in these forums (me included), and if there's enough interest I might bow out and just GM the whole thing and watch it unfold. The game is pretty simple to set up and shouldn't be terribly difficult to learn.

The game would need 3-4 players. I don't have either of the two expansions, though I wanted 'em - especially the Grim Bastards one. But I think we can do well enough without it.

Dammit Carl!


Yep, it's pretty interesting. Here's a video from the game's publishers, Gale Force 9:

There's plenty of other Let's Play vids out there, if anyone's looking for more.