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Financial Games?

Started by Epee1, February 08, 2012, 10:37:33 PM

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So is there any financial games where you actually learn something that transfers to real life?



Some investment sites allow you to make shadow transactions to see how your theories are working.

There is a company that makes a game that helps auditors better identify embezzlement and other forensic accounting.

There are also games that I played in school a long time ago - I expect they have been significantly improved upon in the last 20 years. 

What more exactly are you looking for?
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The only financial game I played in school was Lemonade Stand!  ;) For an early Apple game, it was pretty good!

Outside of space trading games, I don't know of any realistic ones. Capitalism and Capitalism II were always good, but more about industry and production than stocks and bonds.
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I was just looking for some type of game that simulated the stock market, without losing real money.

Thanks for the suggestions.


Just do paper trading. Games won't do since they are fantasy.


Thanks Jomni, you are probably right.


Not a stock market game, but I actually learned quite a bit during my years of Eve Online.  It has a deep economic system with great rewards...but can be brutal as well.


Not at all useful for present day finances, but if you were curious about being a trader in the Middle Ages after the Black Death, then the Patrician series is very immersive.
It is up to verson 4, and is not at all military or diplomatic.  Just trade and survival.
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