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What's the best board/tabletop wargame you ever designed, and what did you end up doing with it?

I'm not sure that many of us has gotten as far down the path as you have, Brant, so I will chime in with a comment on best game design, rather than best game *I've* designed.

With that in mind, the best strategic game mechanic I've found can be found in Supremacy and Samurai Swords: you have the choice of many actions, but have constraints on which ones. Bidding allows you to ensure you get first choice, but at the cost of being able to do some of the others.

In terms of more localized individual combat mechanics, I like the simplicity of attack strength, defense strength, and movement ratings on counters. The more complex the counters get, I generally find the less interested I am in the game. Simplicity has great merit. There are games out there that do more with counters and are great, but I prefer to minimize the physical clutter of the counter and its corresponding mind clutter that complex rules place on the players.

I've never designed a game.  Im not sure I'd even know where to begin.

Usually you begin by looking at games you like and figuring out what they did well. Then you change what you don't like.

Jack Nastyface:
None of my game designs (including stand-alone wargames and / or modules, and computer games or mods) ever made it beyond the concept stage, save one or two rpg mods I played with friends when I was younger.  The farthest I ever got along the design / development process was to create game portfolio that I pitched to 2 venture capitalists and one (soon to be out-of-business) development company.

Nonetheless, I still have a couple of designs (itouch, wargame module) up my sleeve...I might actually try to incubate one or more of the i-game concepts with a local stand-alone game developer guy I met recently..

Need / want details?

Jack Nastyface


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