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Consolidated Running Online Privacy/Social Media Issues thread

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Seems better to just lump it all in one place rather than end up with a bunch of different threads

Even tho the current events are very politics-heavy right now, let's try to keep it clean in here


Huw the Poo:
I think I've missed whatever conversation has been happening, but yeah, social media apps are terrible with regard to privacy.  They all require too many permissions, they all trade data with third parties, and even with good intentions they all get hacked eventually.

I can live without them.

I'm thinking of deleting my FB account entirely, though I'd still like to be able to see the pages of companies or organizations who's products and/or services I'm interested in. Has anyone got any tips for creating a 'no frills/no personal info' account for use only in browsing the more public pages? Obviously, tuning down all friend requests would be a start.

Huw the Poo:
If you absolutely must use something like Facebook, I guess I would recommend using a single instance of the Tor browser to access Facebook and only Facebook.  Use a fake name and a throwaway email account to register.  Never use that browser to access anything else, never use that email for anything else, and never visit Facebook with anything else.  It wouldn't hurt to use a VPN for this purpose too.

And certainly don't install the app or anything related (Messenger, Whatsapp) on your phone.


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