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This is a somewhat temporary thread signing up for the forum game of Republic of Rome.

For the thread introducing the game, including the official rules (as of April 2018) and the expanded rules I'm using (and somewhat hotpatching) for forum play, click here.

To go straight to the post with the rules attached, click here. Be aware that the rules are infamously complex, but I'll be essentially GMing as the umpire so no one will have to worry about doing the scutwork in the background. And that's, like, 80% of the game. Player workload is pretty light without it.

To jump to the post explaining the Faction flavors click here.

I'll post the current slot list next, with updates as I learn about them.

Okay, the other Crisis Grogs already have pre-reserved slots, and I don't know everyone's forum nickname yet so I'll distinguish below:

ArizonaTank (aka Larry from the Crisis Grogs, longtime Groghead), confirmed
Dave from the Crisis Grogs (Ethel the Frog here on Grogheads), confirmed
IncompetentIdiot (a very new Groghead member) confirmed
Tripoli (of the Grogheads), confirmed
Malize (from Computer Wargames FB group) confirmed
Erax (from Computer Wargames FB group) confirmed


Anyone interested in a slot should post below, including confirming a reserved slot. This will give me a handy reference for p-mailing, too. (Don't worry about providing email links, the forum private message system will work fine for what little secret discussion we'll be doing.)

If you have a preference for any Factions (or against any!), let me know. I'll do my best to sort players around their preferences, according to the initial random draw of senators.

There are 8 slots in any one game, and 6 are already used, but we may need extras for cancellations or if people have to (or want to) drop out later. If absolutely necessary, I can take over playing a Faction -- I just don't want to be unfair, since as the umpire playing from my house rules I'd have a lot of advantage.  O:-)

I might, theoretically, run two games concurrently, if we pick up 16+ applicants.

Ethel the Frog:
Okay, consider me signed up.  (This is "Dave from the Crisis Grogs")

I confirm my participation

As an update, Rich is passing for now, so his slot is open.

Also, it will be VERY easy and feasible to gear down the game to three players with some simple adjustments, so as long as we have a minimum of three players (two would be a little too easy for cooperation with less temptation to try for a domination win) we'll be good to go; and as noted I'll slot in for the final player if necessary (I just don't want to be playing with an unfair advantage, since naturally I have direct access not only to the decks but also to the secret faction cards drawn by other players).

But I'll keep the list open until the end of next weekend to be safe.  O:-) Specifically I mean that Monday afternoon Sept 17th, I will start the game (after my work's done) with anyone signed up.

However: it will be relatively easy to add other players in as factions after we start, if anyone wants to wait to let us demonstrate the system in practice, work out any kinks, etc.)


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