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To all our friends, readers and forum members:
Its hard to believe more than six years have passed since Grogheads was founded. During that time, we’ve stayed in touch with old friends while also making many new acquaintances.  The site, our community and our brand has thrived and we are really proud of what we have accomplished. Of course, most of our success is due to you, our members, who have loyally stuck with us through the good and the bad, and who have populated our forums with so many wonderful topics and discussions covering the full spectrum of our wargaming passion.
It has been an exciting, challenging and rewarding experience for each of us. However, over the years, some of our goals, hopes and expectations have changed, and as a result, the owners of Grogheads have mutually decided to begin a new chapter for our website and forum. The most significant change is that Bayonetbrant will be leaving Grogheads as an owner and as its managing member. As you all know, Brant is the “face” of Grogheads, and was responsible for managing much of our content, organizing our events and generally making Grogheads a place where all wargamers want to spend their free time talking about the hobby. Brant’s departure is a great loss to us and I think it is safe to say that he will never be replaced. We, of course, expect that he will remain an active member of our community and a close friend to us all. The wargaming world wouldn’t be the same without Brant in it, so I’m sure he will be continuing his activities elsewhere so he can focus on his primary obsession with board and tabletop gaming. I have no doubt Brant will let us know his plans as soon as he is ready.
So how will Grogheads change? The short answer is we hope it doesn’t. While Brant’s involvement is winding down, Gusington and I will do our best to keep content rolling on the mystical front page, but please be patient while we learn this fine art that was honed by Brant over the years. Our mod team in the forums will remain the same. All the guys on our team whom you all know and love will still be here with you. Most importantly, the forums will continue to be the internet’s number one source for all your wargaming and strategy information and discussion.
With all that off our chests, thank you for supporting us over the years and we look forward to all that is still to come.

 :( :( :(

Good luck to Brant in all his future endeavors! You will be missed.

Sir Slash:
I feel like I'm losing my best friend/older brother/loving grandfather/respected co-worker/really hot ex.  :'(   Good luck Brant wherever you go and thank you for 6 great years.  :bd:


I'll miss his dulcet tones on the'll change my listening experience big time!

Good luck to all and keep up the good work all.

Silent Disapproval Robot:


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