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Looking for recommendations on Mexican-American War books

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Note: also posted in the Military (and other) History subcategory.

My brother's birthday is coming up at the end of August; and while reading Churchill's volume on "The Great Democracies" (part of his history of English-speaking people, written before and during WW2), concerning the 1800s, he discovered the Mexican-American war and wanted to read more about it. Especially its connections to eventual American Civil War leaders.

I don't think I have anything on it myself -- I roughly knew about it already (including its ACW connections) -- so I'm shopping around for recommendations.

So far I'm looking at:

Eisenhower's So Far From God

Guardino's The Dead March

Baur's The Mexican War

Tucker's Encyclopedia of the Mexican-American War (this is an expensive 3 volume library set, actually more expensive on Kindle for some reason, even when it's on sale!  :o Probably not what he's after anyway, as he wants more focus on the characters and strategic/operational/tactical aspects.)

Hannings' US-Mexican War: A Complete Chronology

Henderson's Glorious Defeat: Mexico and its War with the United States (focuses more on Mexico's side for balance purposes)


Dugard's Training Ground: Grant, Lee, Sherman, and Davis in the Mexican-American War

More expensive Kindle? wtf

I know, I was the same way. The kindle version is over $300, discounted down into the $200s somewhere. The hardback in three volumes is $160ish.

I haven't read much on the Mexican-American war personally as it doesn't interest me too much, but I have a friend who really likes the period and is very well read on it. He recommends So Far From God and says it is the best book on the subject. A Wicked War focuses on the anti-war movement, and A Glorious Defeat is a history of Mexico up to and through the conflict and helps to add a lot of context.

That's what he tells me at least. Hope that helps some!

Although it focuses on the Mexico City campaign I highly recommend Timothy Johnson's A Gallant Little Army.  He makes a point of mentioning officers who would later be Civil War leaders.


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