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Hello, I'm an impatient GS backer.

Is there any estimated date of release? 

On my receipt says Estimated delivery: December 2018  ???

Dr D Ezra Sidran:
I am sorry for the delay. I recently posted about it here:
I also sent out emails to all Kickstarter backers. Did you get it?
The AI is taking longer than anticipated and I apologize for this. I'm hoping that we can be in beta test for the game soon.
As always, you should feel free to email me directly.

Thanks for the answer, I did not receive any email.

Hello. I wonder if the game still fall wide of the mark?

Andy ONeill:
Sorry, i don't follow your question.
There is still a lot of work to do on the game.
Since I'm writing that and Ezra is doing the AI, I don't follow why he's saying writing the AI is or was.holding the game work up.
The game will eventually need to use his AI but that dependency is some way off.


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