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 I'd like to see all the people on the team to consider themselves "owners" and I'm going to insist that it be free to the players. 

I guess the main thing to do first is design the development processes and protocols, the goals of the project, with a lot of discussion on the design for midcourse goals and to explicitly state what code modules will be needed.  And then build the tools we're going to need.  For example, I'd like to see us develop an editor that we can use to build scenarios with because there may be people who would rather build scenarios and AI scripts rather than write computer code.  I like the idea of using XML files because I want us to use plain english where it's possible to do that to avoid any confusion down the road. 

We're going to need at least one scenario for development and testing.  And I anticipate the need for several files for various things like: city names, equipment types, terrain types, etc.

I'd like to establish a repository for all the files we build.  One place where we can go to get the latest source code, data file, whatever.  For now we can just attach files to our posts. 

We're going to have to decide exactly what we're going to build.  A statement of the goal for the project.  I'd like to see the player be able to find whatever information he/she needs for decision making instead of having to rely on third-party programs.  [ WITP-AE has "WitpTracker" as an optional addon for the information the game doesn't supply to the player. ]  At one time I developed a "CSV_reader" program to list all the details for all the attacks for a turn for the TOAW game engine but it never took off because it did almost nothing at all.  A report about the attacks during that turn....big deal.

I hate that I have to jump through hoops to post something on this forum.  A catch'me and a secret question just to post something.  Really?

Let me try posting here.

No issues. Are you signed in to the forum all the time?

If the issues continue send me or JH a message.

Hi PopeFrancis, just checking in. Unlike you I have the same user name everywhere. ;D   I expect the anti-bot stuff will go away once we have more posts.

I'm going to get the TOAW veterans take the lead on the design since I've only played for about a year.


--- Quote from: tomlowshang on December 04, 2019, 04:48:46 PM --- I expect the anti-bot stuff will go away once we have more posts.

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When the Robot revolt begins, it won't be because the Grogs were asleep at the wheel. 

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