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Ok guys...lets give it a shot.

Whether you're new to VR Gaming, curious about it, or an early adopting veteran, post all of your VR topics in this subforum. It will keep everything together and easier to manage for posterity.

Alright, first question form a noob. Where to start?
Games I think I'd use it with are No Man's Sky, IL-2 series, F1, Dirt Rally (not sure is an option but hope), that kind of thing.

What are budget entries costing? How much more for really good stuff?

Of the games you mentioned,
* I don't know about No Mans Sky (and really couldn't care to find out iih  ;D )
* IL-2 is supported (but I don't know to what which modules if not all of them)
* F1 is not supported (I know - it's the last F1 game I buy until they go VR)
 I believe the new Dirt Rally is VR but I have no idea of previous versions (I doubt it)

I picked up an Oculus Rift S for 400.

DCS is supported and looks bloody amazing (as does IL-2 in the short game time I gave it). Project Cars is support (both 1 and 2 I believe) and looks and plays SUPERB.

It was actually DCS and Project Cars that made me get it.

Jarhead0331: for flight simming and racing, the clear consensus is that the HP Reverb is the unrivaled king. The reason the Reverb is so popular for simming is because it blows every other headset away with respect to resolution, with 2160x2160 per eye. Nothing else out there comes even close.  It also has a good FOV with 114 degrees.  In terms of reading gauges and dials in a cockpit, or spotting distant aircraft and ground targets, resolution is the most critical factor.

The problem with the Reverb is that it is pretty sub-par for everything else. The wand style controllers are regarded as crap, its got a heavy cable that connects the headset to the PC and the quality of the sensors on the headset is questionable, so user experience for room scale gaming has been mixed. Pricewise, its not the cheapest or the most expensive. I got it on sale recently for $470, but it usually retails at $549. it runs off of the Windows Mixed Reality app and requires Steam VR Mixed Reality for most games. Tweaking the settings and getting the most out of the headset is reasonably straight forward, but has not been quite as seamless for me as my experience with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift-S.  Another major perk is that it does not require external sensors for tracking like the Valve Index, or HTC headsets. This makes set-up really easy.

I also have an Oculus Rift-S that I have generally been very happy with. It also uses sensors mounted on the headset for tracking, so it does not require external light stations. The touch controllers are great, and were the best on the market until Valve released the index Knuckle controllers. The Rift has an impressive catalog of games and applications accessible through the Oculus app and through Steam VR. Getting up and running and tweaking settings is very easy and user friendly. I find the FOV and resolution to be acceptable and totally playable in every game or sim I run. I believe it is priced at $499, which is a steal if this is your first headset and you are not upgrading from the Oculus CV1.

I don't have one yet, but Valve recently released the Index. For general VR gaming, it is receiving very positive reviews and the knuckle controllers raise the bar on immersion. Resolution is 1440x1600 per eye, which just beats out the Rift-S (1280x1440 per eye), but is still well below the Reverb. It does improve upon FOV at approximately 130 degrees, which is very impressive. The system still requires the use of external sensing stations, so set-up is described as time consuming and frustrating. The system is very expensive, and I think the headset, with knuckles and sensing stations is just over $1,000. Overall, I've heard such great things about the Index that it is only a matter of time before I break down and pick one up. I don't need the light stations since I already have them from the HTC Vive and they are compatible. So Presently, I can get the Index and knuckles for $799. Still a bit too high in price and I am happy with the Reverb/Rift combo.     

Great info guys thanks! Will keep an eye out for sales. :bd:

Do you need the external sensor things for flight/car sims? Or is that just for moving/fighting in a world?


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