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Osprey Website??

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For the past week I am having problems of logging into the website from the USA store.  I have seen the announcements on Twitter and Facebook of problems with the website.

I was wondering if all of you who would like to purchase something or get the free books are having the same problem.


Someone on here mentioned you can check their Facebook page for status updates or their website issues.

The previous time this was reported I was able to get the Week 3 Free books, although the site was a bit slow for me.

I've had trouble with both the Week 2 and Week 3 book offers-I've tried about 10-12 times, between the two weeks, without any luck.  I did get the Week 1 books

^Same here.  I got the Week 1 books but can't log into the US store with my account. 

I can still log in.  Maybe try a different browser, flushing your browser caches and/or running ccleaner or something similar.


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