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Philippe Thibaut of Avalon Gaming has kindly offered to sponsor a community competition based on their new Afrika Korps game releasing on 12th November 2020.
This is what the game looks like:

The prize is a Steam Code for the winner's choice of any one of their games, see below:

At this stage I want to quantify who will participate.

When I know who is participating, I will arrange for the supply of Steam codes for the game free of charge to participants, and I will DM them to the players so we can get started.

I propose we do it this way:

Each game will be a win/lose sudden death in the league, save for the first round, where you play three games. The survivor will proceed to the next round.

Round 1
Operazione E 1940
Afrika Korps 1941
Battleaxe 1941

Round 2 Quarter Final
Crusader 1941

Round 3 Semi Final
Afrika Korps 1942

Round 4 Final
El Alamein 1942

On getting the participants - we optimally need an even number  - I will randomly allocate an odd group and an even group. The odd group will play Allies in their first game, and continue to alternate as Axis in their second game and so on. Almost the same for the even group who will play Axis first, then Allies etc.

To keep this simple - and avoid chasing every post on this thread - I will create a separate signup thread which I can just go through quickly to get numbers and names.

When we get going, feel free to add to the thread with your comments, AAR's, pictures etc. We may also have the developer/publisher pitch in during the competition which is an opportunity to ask about design decisions, future plans, feedback etc.

Unless the uptake is really slow, I suggest we formally start the game from 12th November (to tie in with the release date on Steam).

So sign up. Cry Havoc! and let loose the Dog's of War! :knuppel2:

I'm in

Sir Slash:
Way to Man-Up Trip!  O0

Great! I'm glad you're in, but ...

Please... sign up on the Afrika Korps Signup thread, otherwise the signups will get all mixed up with other comments on this thread.

Many thanks. O0


Just signed up. Thanks for spearheading this Boggit!


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