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Hi Guys,

I've had some discussions with Rich at JTS about sponsoring a Serbia '14 competition. I will ask for all participants to be provided by JTS with a copy of Serbia '14.

I am minded to run it as a Grand Campaign team game with players acting as Divisional or Corps Commanders. One player will also get the role of commander in chief who will coordinate the emails of the various players in his/her command. In a limited sense this will create an element of initiative as to the order of play.

In principle this style of play should be a lot less demanding in time, and more manageable, than individual league games for a larger campaign. It will also be fun to see how the different commanders will communicate or not.

I'm totally new to running this type of competition, so at this stage I am open to your suggestions for house rules to keep the competition functional and fun.

I haven't seen the game yet, beyond the JTS store details, so I assume this is likely to be a choice between Austro-Hungarians and Serbs (although there are other nations depending on the scenario).

I propose that we play the 2nd Austro-Hungarian Invasion of Serbia (Fighting Fire with Fire), which seems quite balanced, and also gives the Serbs an opportunity to go onto the offensive as well. However, if the consensus is that we play another scenario we can do that and put your case forward.

Let me know what interest you have in participating, and any preferences for the side/level of command wanted on this thread.

If we can get an idea of numbers of participants that will be good.

All comments welcome.

Best regards,

Boggit :)

I would be interested in being a Austrian Corps or Divisional Commander

I'm interested in being a Corps or Divisional Commander, no preference as to side.

I just bought Serbia 14 and to some degree I am familiar with the Tiller operational games system.

I would be interested in being a divisional commander.

To command a division of fighting men to glory and victory would be a pleasure for either side.


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