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Let's see your mug collection....

All of my mugs are awesome, but the silver one is from my last duty station Marine Barracks 8th & I.

Are those initialed ones made of...pewter? Awesome looking stuff, Gunny.

Interesting. Is the glass one from the Czech Republic? 

I'm 90% certain that marching soldier is "The Good Soldier Svejk" (also sometimes spelled Schwiek). I have the book and the picture seems to have been lifted right off of the cover page.

For those that don't know, "The Good Soldier Svejk" is the main character from a set of satirical WWI novels by Czech writer Jaroslav Hasek. The book pokes fun at the Austro-Hungarian war effort, and military life in general.

Svejk is pretty engrained in Czech culture. Whenever I visited Prague, I would frequent a restaurant named after Svejk.

Anyway, here is an Amazon cover, with a picture of Svejk that has the same "look".


--- Quote from: Gusington on February 06, 2021, 10:52:15 AM ---Are those initialed ones made of...pewter? Awesome looking stuff, Gunny.

--- End quote ---

Why yes, it is made of pewter....although you type it much more manly than I do. The Officer & SNCO Club at 8th & I issue those to each Marine when they join the unit....for a 25 dollar tip.


--- Quote from: ArizonaTank on February 06, 2021, 01:13:53 PM ---Interesting. Is the glass one from the Czech Republic? 
--- End quote ---

Probably 80% of the mugs are from the Czech Republic. I was stationed at the Embassy, my future wife worked there....and the mug collection began.

......and yes, that is the Good Soldier. I've read the book many times in the past 24 years. I have it on audio book for long drives and Czech television shows it every year at Christmas time.

I picked up that mug at The Chalice. In the book, that is where Svejk and the bartender was arrested...Svejk for being Svejk, the bartender because he took the King's picture down because Flys were crapping on it.


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