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Why didn’t they have toys like this…

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When I was a kid? Seriously, these are awesome.

Dammit Carl!:
Can only imagine:
1. Dad buys no-doubt pricey figure
2. I break said pricey figure (doing something stupid, no doubt)
3. Whipping ensues.

Ain't no better time to be a man/woman-child than nowadays and use that excess income for plastic whatnots.

-get off my lawn and buy me a fuel pump for my truck while you are at it; at least that's useful rather than that Daryl Funko bullshit.

That is some pricey stuff there. Speaking of which:

Great.  Now "joytoy" is in my browser history.   :-[   ::)


--- Quote from: Toonces on August 31, 2021, 10:37:37 PM ---Great.  Now "joytoy" is in my browser history.   :-[   ::)

--- End quote ---

You mean it wasn’t already? I find that hard to believe.


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