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Strange shutdown


I was in my office tonight with two of my desktop PCs running. These two systems are powered through a surge protector with battery backup. There were also two laptops powered and running, but both plugged into different surge protectors and outlets. At some point, I was called away from the office for about 30 minutes. When I returned, everything, including the two laptops, was powered normally except for my two desktop PCs which were both off and could not be turned on. I pressed the power button on the battery backup and that restored power to the rigs, which were then able to be turned on normally.

I checked the logs on both PCs in the windows event viewer and both suffered a kernel power event and unexpected shutdown. In addition, I noticed several events and warnings on one of my rigs that really didnít make sense to me. It was hard to tell if they were all related to the same event or not as they were close in proximity.

In any event, I know itís a broad question, but what could have caused a power event that would have shut down the battery backup and both PCs without effecting anything else in the room or house?

Weird, right?

Do you have cats?
Could one have stepped on the UPS?


--- Quote from: bobarossa on March 21, 2022, 09:11:53 PM ---Do you have cats?
Could one have stepped on the UPS?

--- End quote ---

LoL. Good thought, but no.

I am not sure if same thing, but in the past few months I had issues with my surge protector, which has a battery backup with it. I also have a second one which had different devices plugged in.  It was fairly old and at times would seemingly shutoff without reason but then work again.  Eventually after it shut off, I couldnít get it to turn on again.  After looking around it seems that could happen if the battery starts to die, which they do sell replacement batteries or other hardware issue.  But since my model was old, I decided just to buy a new one and everything has worked great since.

Not saying your issue is the same as mine, but could be a warning sign of potential issues with the unit.

Probably a long shotÖany chance somehow the area lost power for longer than your battery backup can operate as some units can only last 10-20 minutes, especially with powerful devices plugged in?  I know your laptops didnít seem impacted with the other protector but laptops also have their own internal batteries which would typically make them last longer without power.  Probably not likely, but just throwing it out there.


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