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South China Sea Heats Up

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Chinese J-16 Flanker fighter being dangerously aggressive toward an Australian P-8 in the South China Sea. The J-16 dumped decoys in front of the P-8, and some of the chaff was ingested and damaged the P-8's engines. This is much more aggressive than what has been happening before. 

Does China have much of a history of sabre-rattling against Australia the way they regularly do with Taiwan and other neighbors?  Haven't kept up in that regard

I saw that article.  Scary stuff.

That's worse then what they did to Canadian pilots recently.  What's interesting is this event took place on 2022-05-26 and this news is only being released now.

Edit: al they have only recently been sabre rattling against Australia.  There was a big tizzy a few months ago when the Solomon Islands allowed China to setup bases there. 

CNN reported this as a 'chaffing' hahaha

^Sometimes my bum bum gets chaffed. 


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