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Google Chrome wiped out my stuff!

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Ok I'm a bit peeved about what Chrome did to my computer.

So I fire up my rig when I get home from work and I noticed the "Welcome" page as if Chrome was freshly installed.  I asked everyone in the house if they re-installed Chrome.  Everyone said no.  So I think maybe Chrome automatically updated itself?  In any case all my saved passwords/autofill are gone and so are my bookmarks.  I get most of my passwords back when I sign in to Chrome but none of my bookmarks are there.  Why does Chrome think it's doing me a favor by wiping out all my stuff? 

I can't remember all my bookmarks or passwords and I'm literally stark raving mad. 

Yeah, Chrome pulled that exact crap on me on my work laptop recently.  Took me a good while to get all my bookmarks and logins back together.  I wonder how many people are permanently locked out of old accounts every time Google does one of these helpful updates?

I've been sticking with Firefox on my main PC and never dealt with such issues.   O0

Same exact thing happened to me about a year ago. Welcome.

Thanks for the feedback guys.  I thought I was imagining things.  Think it's time to consider another browser that is not so intrusive.

Silent Disapproval Robot:
Check out Brave.  I've been using it for a couple of years now and it's pretty decent.  Fast loading and minimally intrusive once you change the default settings.  Their serach engine isn't the best but it's getting better and you can change the default.  I've been bouncing between the Brave search and Starpage.  I was also using DuckDuckGo but the recent announcements that they lied about protecting user anonymity and that they had started "curating" search results caused me to stop using them.


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