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World at War 85 - Blood and Fury coming soon to a Gamefound near you

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Lock'n Load's second entry to their revived World at War series is nearing its completion it seems:

While I've not played Storming the Gap nearly as much as I would have liked, I guess this is another of those "take my money please" games I just can't pass.


And it's on!

Managed to squeeze in among one of the first 100 backers for the base game Early Bird Special. Added the Operation Gauntlet for crossing the Weser as well.

And while typing this, we're already at 104 backers and the first strectch goal opened in a bit I am sure.


FUNDED in fifteen minutes  :bd:

This is it for me, I believe. Until they launch the Arab-Israeli Wars edition, of course  :nerd: :bd:

how is russian turret tossing handled?


--- Quote from: GDS_Starfury on July 25, 2022, 12:56:42 PM ---how is russian turret tossing handled?

--- End quote ---

That's stretch goal #2, Flight Stands. Goal unlocked, too. How you use them is once you score a one step hit to a tank having ammunition stowage inside the turret, you put it to Flight Stand. Second hit, you remove it from the game, as the full platoon is considered completely evaporated.

Their picture erroneously shows a helo at a Flight Stand. Hope they fix their images soon:


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