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India Launches Its First Aircraft Carrier

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I give you...the INS Vikrant:

FarAway Sooner:
Umm, I think that it's 2nd aircraft carrier.  Afloat at this time.  It is apparently the third aircraft carrier in the history of the Indian Navy.  I have no idea what the acronym is for the Indian Navy.

It's the first CV that India has built domestically. It has a wary eye on the Peoples Liberation Army Navy (I can never type that w/out thinking of a military surplus store in Berkley).

Though the PLAN launched a domestic CV first it has minimal experience in carrier ops while India's navy has had over 30 years of it, which gives them a substantial advantage over China.

Waiting here for Starfurry to come in here and say something angry, yet profound about this.  :D

whats to say?
its a shitty 50 year old soviet design.
if youve already operated various carriers over the decades and youre going to build you own why use that as your template?
it makes no sense at all.  they could have kept the hull and lower decks mostly the same and used a far better flight deck layout.


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