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Hello hello! New PR guy for Hooded Horse here

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Hello everyone,

My name's Joe, I'm the new communications director here at HoodedHorse. Some of you may remember me as former editor of "WargamerJoe" - well, I'm back! Craig told me about the dedicated HH area here so I thought I'd return and set-up shop, act as a point of contact for the community here.

Feel free to ping me with any questions you like about Hooded Horse and our games, and I'll try and fill out the forums a bit better as well. Recent developments you may or may note be aware of:

* Terra Invicta, our sci-fi grand strategy game from the creators of XCOM's The Long War mods, has released into Early Access
* Recently we signed two new games: Heart of the Machine, from the developer of AI Wars 2, and Xenonauts 2
* We recently ran a Steam event called TactiCon that as far as I can tell was a roaring success, and there were some great panels that went on during the show from people like Soren Johnson and other really cool strategy developers
It's good to be back, and I look forward to chatting to you all!

Welcome back, Joe. Really looking forward to getting the inside scoop on all the juicy HH news from you here.

…and Congrats on the new job with HH! It seems like a really great opportunity and a good fit for you.

HH has really got some Hella Hot games on the way!  :D  <:-)  :notworthy:

Hello Joe!

Your team is doing some great work and I wish you all the best in your endeavors. 

Welcome back Joe!


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