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We've had a nice influx of folks signing up with our Steam group recently.  However I know many of you use a different moniker here from the one on Steam.   Especially since we seem to be making some headway on getting a little bit more Groghead multiplayer games going through Steam this will help to know who you are playing with in game.   Please help everyone know who you are and post your Steam moniker here.  Thanks all.

Bison here, Bison there, Bison everywhere.   ;D

Same as here as there.


LB, same there as here. I do go by other monikers on different forums, but it's likely that if you know me there you know it's me.

You guys can add me to whatever, if ya want.  My Steam alias is "nefariouskoel".

Arctic Blast:
arcticblaster76 on Steam. Go ahead...add me...I dare you! I totally dare you!


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